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Safari Oolong - Loose Leaf Tea - Pesticide free - 50g

Safari Oolong - Loose Leaf Tea - Pesticide free - 50g

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A rare find from Kenya, this oolong tea is meticulously crafted in small batches. Hand-plucked, withered, tossed, panned, rolled and then dried, these complex processing steps result in an exquisite cup of tea.

Oolongs such as this steep a cup that is smooth, slightly nutty with a natural sweetness. From this unique terrior, one may experience gentle notes of candied hazelnuts and apricot.

This tea is hand-picked and organically grown in Kenya and purchased direct from small scale farmers. beTeas is proud to offer this highly ethical and clean farmed oolong by our partners at Justea. No pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on the tea leaves.

Non-GMO Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade Federation

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